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Every individual is working for his success and interest but, working continuously on a single thing make a person bored and frustrated. How about to enjoy some peace on the cold and beautiful mountains? But the thing is not every individual has that much time to give it to a long break. How about to plan a trip for just three to four days and return back with a peaceful mind and begin your work with more focus and dedication. In India there are a lot more tracks to explore but tracking in Himachal Pradesh is the most popular and worth place.

Best Place To Track

In Himachal Pradesh Tracking to Kamrunag temple is one of the untouched, awesome and short track. In Himachal every region has their own God whom they call as "Devta" or "Devi".They believe their "Devta" or "Devi" protect their village.On the top of the hill and beside the temple there is a lake in which people use to show their devotion towards god by throwing coins and their earned money.They believe that their god "Kamru Nag" protects them and resides inside the lake. It is situated on the top hill in the Mandi District about 3,334m above sea level. In summer (Month of june) there is big fair and lot of tourist and local people use to visit and show their devotion and affection. but, visiting the place on this month makes this track not much peaceful as there will be much crowd.

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Day 1

Delhi to Mandi

Traveling from Delhi to Mandi by Bus is recommended as there are a-lot more services for this. Or if you want to travel by Air you can book it online (from delhi to chandigarh). For one night-stay online Booking Hotel is recommended. Either you can stay in Mandi (recommended due to more luxury bus services) or in Sundernagar which is 18.3km far (Recommended if you have booked your own cab or managed to reach there by other means ) .

Day 2

Mandi To Kamrunag Temple Via Rohanda


Sundernagar To Kamrunag Temple Via Rohanda

If you have booked a cab right from the beginning of the journey that is good if not, then you can hire a local driver also (offline) which will cost you about 1K-2K(one sided journey).

Now from here you can start your tracking with a spirit. You should carry eatables with you because there is no any provision for food near temple or in between (except in the time of fair or festival). There are two means of drinking water source in between the track, one is just few minutes from the starting (recommended source) near a tank and second ones is in between the track.

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This track is of  maximum three to four hours .There will be a-lot more fascinating, beautiful and awesome views in between. Track will start with a bouldered path and then you will enter to the dense Kamrunaag forest forest which is very beautiful.

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After reaching on the top of hill you can explore that place. Either you can stay on your own  tent or you can stay at kamrunag dharamshala (they also provides rental blankets and matrices)

Day 3

Kamrunag to Delhi

Now its time to get back. Going down from the hill looks easy but, you need to resist the flow of your walk and gravity which can make you very tired my suggestion is to walk gently. If you came by local one sided taxi on the second day from Mandi or Sunder nagar then to return back, you can take local bus from Rohanda to Mandi or can hire local cab (offline) but that will be little bit costly than before. After reaching Mandi you can take direct bus to Delhi

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