Journey To The Untouched Places In Himachal Pradesh, India | Kinnaur | Himalayas

In India there are much more places to visit but visiting Himachal Pradesh is like dream for every biker or tracker. Searching, researching for the peace and adventurous places takes lot of time to make your trip memorable time. There are some places like Kasol, Kullu, Manali, Shimla which is having a lot of fascinating and beautiful tracks. But why only these places where crowd is more? why not to go for a untouched place? where you can find yourself.

Best place to visit in Himachal Pradesh 

In Himachal Kinnaur is one of the best and untouched place.It is the place where Satluj river enters in India, the place with different culture, place where high mountains are kissing blue sky, green and red pearls like apple loaded on trees.

Reasons to travel to Kinnaur

  • Nature’s beauty at its best
  • At the tip of the country where you can travel up to last village of India before which India Tibet border starts
  • Kind locals who will invite you to stay at their home. You can learn to make mo mo with them.
  • You’ll learn a way of life with people who life in a region that is closed due to snowfall most of the year
  • The movie, Highway was shot on these roads so you’ll have a very artistic feeling when traveling here.
  • Old Buddhist monasteries with unchanged Buddhist culture and their affection toward peace. 

DAY 1       

Delhi to Shimla    

    You can travel by bus or by cabs which can be easily available. Either you can stay for one day after reaching in shimla to explore or either you can move on further in the next morning.

DAY 2 and 3

Shimla to Reckong-Peo

Hiring taxi for whole journey will be better then hiring taxi for small distances and going by HRTC bus is one more cheap and easy way. For cheap and effective stay you can also buy tents and sleeping bag. Warm clothes are recommended. while traveling in car or by bus you will see amazing landscapes and apples loaded on trees.You will enjoy your journey with Satluj river.

After reaching reckong-peo it easy and cheap to find Hotels for stay. Next day (3rd day) right form the morning you can start exploring the place.

Places you can visit near Reckong peo

1. Reckong peo Market

2. Buddhist monastery


4. Rogi Village (Sucide point)

5. Kothi mata Temple

Day 4 and 5

Reckong-Peo to Nako

Experienced Driver is recommended for these types of roads because roads are narrow and have steep cliffs along with roads.
In between the journey for adventure you can enjoy there traditional rope-way which is used by the local people to cross Satluj river. In older times, people also use these rope-ways to export apples from there fields.These rope ways are not considered much safe although if you want to experience this type of activity you should try it under surveillance of local person.

while traveling from reckong-peo to Nako in between there is a Hot water bath in place called Thopan it is not located in google map to know more about it click here
Before reaching Nako book Hotels online which is easy to book and then after taking some reast you can explore the place.

Places you can visit near Nako

  1. Nako Lake
  2. Nako Gompa
  3. Malling nala

Day 6 and 7

Nako to Sangla

Its time to start your journey to the best place in kinnaur called chitkul and Sangla valley. Loose rocky terrain makes most of the drive to Sangla seem like an adventure in itself with gorgeous apple orchards and 'hanging' villages on the other side of the gorge. The valley's largest inhabited settlement, Sangla has interesting Tibetan eateries , but a taste of Sangla's renowned potatoes is a must (the area grows some of the best-quality potatoes in the world). There are fantastic hiking opportunities right up to the last village of Chitkul at the Indo-Tibetan border.

Places to visit near Sangla valley

  1. Kamru fort

  2. Kamakhya Devi Shrine

  3. Chitkul

  4. Kupa

Day 8

Sangla to Delhi

Now its time to get back from memorable journey to Home

Click Here For Short Trip

Please do share your experience in comment section

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