Paradise in Western Himalayas | Kinnaur

A place where an individual is always tempted to find his or her own soul, a place where the morning sunshine touches you with a gentle cold smile, a place where a sweet hot beverage (yes, I mean CHAI) makes you feel refreshed, we call it, The Himalayas. This place not only embodies the people residing there, but its lush evergreen trees that are nurtured by the surroundings, glaciers that collect every single snowflake over countless years, and animals that still thrive in this challenging environment are absolute feast to our eyes. Nevertheless, the soul of this place always lies in those humungous mountains from east to west, like its standing with pride carrying the snowy crown.

Beautiful Mind | The Booze I Never Had |

It’s surprising how this universe created such complex creatures and theoretically, it’s all started from nothingness. It created organisms who find pleasure by just rubbing their skins on to another’s. It created a system, a society in which complex organisms have some connections wirelessly in between where they find attracted to others and tag it with a single word; Love. It’s fascinating that we are the one on the top whose intellectual and thinking powers are never challenged before, but still, we are the one who is challenging ourselves. Pleasure and entertainment are big words for us. A chicken always born with few needs; air, water, food, and his life, but Humans don’t, we demand pleasure, happiness, life motives and much more than other basic needs. Speaking of Pleasure, we already created a different planet inside a single planet. A planet where we find enjoyment and happiness outside this beautiful mind. We play games, we risk our lives which we call as an adventure, we do i…

Journey to the west of Ireland | Aran Islands | Inis Oírr (Inisheer) |

I wonder how Ireland have such beautiful sites in that confined area. Ireland always was the center of attraction for the tourists worldwide. I can define Ireland in just five words which is "windy", "rain", "polite people ", "green" and ''more green". East Ireland is more known for crowd, hustle, and bustlewhere west of Ireland is known for its beauty. On the west part of Ireland near Galway, there is a group of beautiful islands named Aran Islands (Inishmore, Inishman and Inis Oírr (Inisheer)) where Inisheer is the smallest island with beautiful landscapes and population of 260 people.

This Island has plenty of beautiful sites within 4km wide and 2km long area. The northern part of the island is more active where you can find lots of activities and southern part of the island is quieter, sluggish and stagnant. This small island also has a beech which you can see while arriving on the island either from a ferry or mini airplane. …

Places to Visit in Shimla | Shimla tourist guide | Himachal Pradesh | Himalayas

Shimla is known as the capital of the northern state, Himachal Pradesh in India. It is also known Simla from older times and also been a summer capital of India when British was ruling. In India, this place always kept its position as a centre of attraction for the tourists due to its natural beauty, history and it's Climate. Nowadays a-lots of Tourists visit Shimla and return back without visiting best places due of lack of guidance.

Places To Visit Near Shimla

You can reach Shimla either by bus and by train. If you are planning to go by train, then toy train is recommended.

You should book hotel online (one month back if possible for the better price) because some time availability of hotels are not there and you'll be facing problems.  Recommended websites for booking hotels- Clear Trip- Click here to book here to book Fab hotels-Click here to book Treebo hotels-Click here to book

Best Places To Visit Near Shimla

1. The Mall Road- Reaching to mall road i…