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I wonder how Ireland have such beautiful sites in that confined area. Ireland always was the center of attraction for the tourists worldwide. I can define Ireland in just five words which is "windy", "rain", "polite people ", "green" and ''more green". East Ireland is more known for crowd, hustle, and bustle where west of Ireland is known for its beauty. On the west part of Ireland near Galway, there is a group of beautiful islands named Aran Islands (Inishmore, Inishman and Inis Oírr (Inisheer)) where Inisheer is the smallest island with beautiful landscapes and population of 260 people.

This Island has plenty of beautiful sites within 4km wide and 2km long area. The northern part of the island is more active where you can find lots of activities and southern part of the island is quieter, sluggish and stagnant. This small island also has a beech which you can see while arriving on the island either from a ferry or mini airplane. 'Yes, you are thinking right, this small island also has an airport'.

All over the island, you can find walls made of millions of stones which is about 25000 Km long. These territories are getting shorter and compact in every generation by passing their piece of land to their next generation. Few people used that land for keeping their animals like horses, cows etc. and few of them used to cultivate potatoes. They use traditional methods i.e. see weed and sand to provide nutrition to their cultivation.

In the daytime, you can spend your time on the beach, if you are really lucky you can find dolphins diving around. In evening you can enjoy your time in local pubs where you can try to talk Irish with them (They'll love to hear from a foreigner). On the top hill of the north part of the island, there is a Mini-Theater and an art gallery where you can enjoy few cultural shows. If you hate walking you can go around by rental bikes or horse cart which you can find near the seaport.

There are few places you can visit on this Island-
1. Main beach.
2. Castle.
3. Old wrecked ship.
4. Lake.
5. Lighthouse.
6. Holy well.
7. Old age church.

On east part of the island, you can visit an old wrecked ship named "Plassey" which was steam trawler launched in 1940. In the different period of time, this ship was known by different names. In 1941 it was known as "HMT Juliet" and "Peterson" in 1947. After getting acquired by a company named "Limerick steamship company" in 1951 it was again renamed as "Plassy". After providing service for 20 years, this ship sank in March 1960 due to the heavy storm and In 1991 due to Storm Christine, it was relocated towards the shore of this island.

In the northeast part of the island, there is an old church named "Teampall Caomhán" which was also known as "St Cavan's Church ". It was built in 10th century inside the Saint's graveyard. Now, the entrance of the church is below ground level. On the front of the church, there is a narrow window to the outside which was believed as a gate to the heaven.


Holy well

Picture Credit- Kevin O'Flannagain, Dr. James Ryle and google.


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