Paradise in Western Himalayas | Kinnaur

A place where an individual always tempted to find his or her own soul, a place where morning sunshine touches you with a gentle cold smile, a place where a sweet hot beverage (yes, I mean CHAI) makes you feel refreshing, we call it, The Himalayas. This place does not only belongs to the people grown there, but It also belongs to the evergreen trees which nurtured the surroundings, glaciers which collected every single snowflake in all those countless years, and animals who dare to survive in that defy environment. Nevertheless, the soul of that place always lied in those humungous mountains from east to west, like its standing with pride carrying the snowy crown.

This place is shared by almost seven nations, although the same soil but different cultures. Many tribes have born here and many destroyed, these mountains have collected nothing but memories of happenings. In between all this huge mountain range, there is a place named Kinnaur in the west part of ranges in India. This place served much more to the tribes lived there. A place where you can find trees mounted with red shiny apples that collect sweetness deep from the ground in every apple season. While walking and driving through these valleys you'll encounter the small little brooks coming up from the glaciers, gathering minerals while taking every single turns through shiny little rocks. These small brooks converge in each downfall and serve themselves for a bigger purpose as rivers. As you go near to those cold rivers, you can feel it's anger and calmness at the same time.

 This place is situated at the eastern state of Himachal Pradesh which literally means "The region of the lap of the mountains". This place will not only freeze you for a moment but also realize the significance of calmness in your breath. All you need is to resonate yourselves with the feel of these mountains and calm yourself for a moment.


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