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It’s surprising how this universe created such complex creatures and theoretically, it’s all started from nothingness. It created organisms who find pleasure by just rubbing their skins on to another’s. It created a system, a society in which complex organisms have some connections wirelessly in between where they find attracted to others and tag it with a single word; Love.  It’s fascinating that we are the one on the top whose intellectual and thinking powers are never challenged before, but still, we are the one who is challenging ourselves. Pleasure and entertainment are big words for us. A chicken always born with few needs; air, water, food, and his life, but Humans don’t, we demand pleasure, happiness, life motives and much more than other basic needs.
Speaking of Pleasure, we already created a different planet inside a single planet. A planet where we find enjoyment and happiness outside this beautiful mind. We play games, we risk our lives which we call as an adventure, we do intercourse and for sure we use different kind of natural and synthetic chemicals which we named as Drugs.

It’s about a subjective experience where a beautiful creation; human mind, experienced another nature’s beautiful creation; a magical enlarged complex aboveground fleshy fruiting body of a fungus which we call as a mushroom. Few people call it magic mushroom and few shrooms. It is very fascinating how this type of thing is created by nature which is synthesized from handpicked natural chemicals which can manipulate this big chunk of neurons and change the whole perspective.
Initially, I was curious about the new memory I was going to create, all those questions, how it’s going to be? And how It’ll feel? Have you ever watched a simulated hallucination on a TV screen in which they add a lot of false colors which feels unbelievable and deceptive? I’m a skeptical person, the way it reacted to my brain cleared all those doubts.
In that dark jungle with a little sunshine inside, those natural chemicals reacted with my brain like a little spark with fuel. Have you ever loved a rock unconditionally? Have you ever found the penetrating sharp rays inside the forest filled with added colors? Have you ever found yourself between the little whispers of trees? Have you ever found yourself in a situation, where little movements of grass are perceived as fishes swimming beneath you by your brain? It all happened within a few minutes and it was beautiful and exceptional. This brain has secrets which are still unknown to us which we must explore and we, humans also find pleasure in exploring and finding answers.


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